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Interactive energy valley

You can walk around the energy valley with the WASD buttons.
(W – forward; A – left; S – backward; D – right)
After pressing the Ctrl button you can view the valley from different angles with the mouse. After pressing the Ctrl button the mouse can be used again as usual.



We plotted the average energy per nucleon- in the 1416 isotopes of the first 94 elements of the periodic table - on a three-dimensional bar graph as a function of atomic number and mass number. Thus we got a river valley-like shape ("energy valley", "stability body"). At the bottom of this formation are the \(_{26}^{56}Fe\), \(_{28}^{62}Fe\) and \(_{28}^{62}Ni\) isotopes (in their case: \(E_{bind}/A= –1,37 pJ\)). The highest column belongs to \(_{1}^{1}H\) which consists of a free proton (\(E_{bind}/A= 0 pJ\)). So the lower the column on the diagram that belongs to an atomic nucleus, the more bound its nucleons are. Achieving a more bound, ie more stable, state is one of the main "drivers" of nuclear transformation. The 3D model we created allows us to observe the changes taking place in the nuclei and to study their causes.